Lily's Top 5 Layover Cities

Lily's Top 5 Layover Cities

1. PARIS: A beautiful city during the day and equally breathtaking at night. Paris is rich in history with incredible architecture, museums, art and churches throughout the city. My favourite place to sit down, relax and enjoy a glass of wine or coffee at any time of the day.

6lilyparis - Paris is one city Lily never finds boring.

2. MIAMI: This is the city that has everything to offer — warm weather year round, beautiful beaches along the coast, vibrant nightlife, shopping, arts, and many outdoor festivals year round.

3. HONG KONG: The convenience of being able to find anything that you need steps away from your hotel, starting with one of the most user-friendly public transportation systems in the world that takes you to every corner in the city, makes Hong Kong a perfect short stay city. You can find food, convenience stores and clothing stores on almost every street.

4. VANCOUVER: Surrounded by beautiful mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver offers the best outdoor activities year round so you can stay in shape while enjoying its natural beauty.

5. SAN FRANCISCO: This is my favourite destination for fresh seafood. Sitting by the dock at Fisherman’s Wharf enjoying a bread bowl of clam chowder or going for a walk or bike ride through the local neighbourhoods or across Golden Gate Bridge are perfect activities if you’re there for just a short time.


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