Peru is one of the best surf countries in the world and Lima has one of the best beaches to either learn or perfect your craft. Cerro Azul, located right in the city provides lessons for people of all abilities to make sure that it is enjoyable for all.
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Government Palace

Constructed in the 20th century, this palace, home of the government of Peru, is an absolute gem. The neo-colonial architecture and gorgeous interior make this a sight to see for all visitors to the country.
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Drink Inca Kola

Avaialable easily all throughout Peru is their most famous drink, Inca Kola! The sweet soft drink that is a Peruvian delicacy must be sampled if you come to Peru and make sure to bring some back for your friends to try.


Huaca Pucllana

Still in place from ancient Incan times, these ruins are fascinating. The leveled clay and adobe pyramid although decayed over time, is still an amazing sight to see. Make sure to check out the museum as well!
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Museo Larco

Cataloging over 3000 years of Peruvian history, this museum is remarkable. With any exhibit you could ever think of and more. Our favourite exhibit at the museum is the gold and jewellery exhibit; make sure to check it out.
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Aliaga House

Built in 1535, this is the oldest house in all of the Americas as well as one of the most beautiful. Constructed by Aliaga, this house has gone through five centuries of family members, which is hard to imagine based on the true beauty of it.
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Peru is famous for two things, Inca Kola and Ceviche, the raw fish dish is out of this world and you can’t leave without sampling it. The best places in the city to get it are Pescados Capitales and La Red.
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This is a great place to spend an afternoon. With bountiful amounts of shopping and cuisine and an amazing view it is hard to beat this shopping centre. There are also a few museums that you should check out.
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Plaza de Armas

The central square of Lima is home to some pretty wonderful things. The government palace as we mentioned before, as well as the Cathedral of Lima and the Archbishops Palace of Lima.


Monastery of San Francisco

The Monastery of San Francisco, known for its Spanish Baroque architecture is one of the oldest and loveliest churches in all of South America. The beautiful yellow colour of the monastery will leave you breathless.
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