Cathedral of Managua

This stunning old cathedral is a must-see for anyone who enjoys architecture. The designs on this building are beautiful and intimidating at the same time. We’d definitely recommend stopping by the cathedral, whether you’re Catholic or not.
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Palacio Nacional

This national palace, now a museum dedicated to the Nahuatl people, features many interesting exhibits for you to discover. There is even a 2,500 year old sculpture on display at this unique museum.
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Rotonda Ruben Dario

This fountain, lit up at night, is an attraction in every sense of the word. We would recommend this for travelers with young children, or anyone looking for a family-friendly good time. Just ask your cab driver to take you to Rotonda Ruben Dario.


Tiscapa Lagoon

Settled in the crater of an extinct volcano, this lagoon features lots of attractions. We personally recommend flying over the lagoon on a zip-line!
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Huellas de Acahualinca

The perfectly preserved footprints of a group of roughly 10 people walking to Lake Managua. They were preserved by a volcanic eruption, and are about 2,100 years old.
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New Cathedral

With 63 domes, this different and modern Catholic church looks like a mix between a church and a mosque. If you’re a fan of interesting architecture, the New Cathedral is a must-see for you.
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Parque de la Paz

Commemorating the end of the Contra war in Nicaragua, see concrete poured over AK-47’s and a tank. This is a very important monument in Nicaraguan culture.
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Zona Rosa

This is the best area to find something to eat or drink. This lively area makes for an excellent place to have some fun and enjoy Nicaraguan nightlife. Just ask your cab driver to take you to Zona Rosa.


Mercado Oriental

This unique and culture-rich market is a great place to buy anything from hammocks, to knives, or fresh food. This is a great place to browse for a few hours, but keep an eye out for pickpockets.
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Apoyo Lagoon

A great place for a swim, Apoyo Lagoon is an excellent way to cool off on a hot Nicaraguan day. We recommend having a picnic by the waterside at this wonderful lagoon.
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