Visit Fremantle Prison

This is where the earliest arrivals to Australia were housed – a prison that was the new home to the worst of English society who were banned to the Outback for their crimes.


Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

One of the loveliest urban parks in the world and one of Perth greatest landmarks. You can spend a whole day here and don’t forget to visit to War Memorial.

Western Australia Maritime Museum

Housed in a sail-shaped building on the harbour, this museum traces the country’s relationship with the sea. It looks out on the ocean and Fremantle Prison.


Feral Brewing Co

No trip to Australia would be complete without a visit a brewery and this one offers up some of the best craft beers in a country where ale is the national drink.


Sail & Anchor Pub

This Fremantle area landmark dates back to 1854 and is one of the best preserve buildings in the country. The food served here is also rated highly.


Western Australia Shipwreck Galleries

Australia’s long maritime history is on full view here and the museum even has a section of a Dutch merchant ship, the Batavia, on display. It ran aground off the coast in 1629.

Perth Cultural Centre

Located in the heart of this lovely city, the cultural centre is home to a number of free attractions. It offers up a fascinating glimpse into Australia’s Aborigional people.


Tour the Swan Valley

This is the oldest wine region in Western Australia and many of the vineyards here offers free samples. It’s a 25 minute drive from Perth but well worth it.


Visit Didgeridoo Breath

This Perth landmark offers lessons on how to play the instrument that’s unique to Australia. The store doesn’t charge for a 15 minute lesson.


Cottesloe Beach

Being the sunniest state capital in Australia, people spend a lot of time on beaches and there’s no better one than Cotteeloe. It’s one of the city’s most popular gathering spots, especially for BBQ dinners.