See the Cliff Divers at La Quebrada

The divers will you leave in utter shock at how amazing their skills are and just how dangerous these dives really are. The divers perform almost every day so you will normally be in luck if you make time to see them.
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It’s almost impossible to come to Acapulco and avoid at least once walking down the beautiful beaches and falling in love. There are many beaches, each more beautiful than the other. Make sure to look out for beaches that are not catered to tourists as they will be less crowded.
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Plaza Juan Alvarez

The amazing thing about Acapulco is that unlike Cancun and other vacation destinations, it is not designed for tourists and the central square is a prime example. Not to mention the best food in the city and some of the best shopping.
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Palma Sola Archaeological Site

Admire the stunning Petroglyphs and views of the cityscape at this unique site. The petroglyphs are about 2,000 years old, which is hard to believe based on how well preserved they are.


Fuerte San Diego

The Fort of San Diego is one of the most important historical landmarks in the city. Home of the Acapulco Historical Museum, this fort is a true gem and should be near the top of any visitors list.
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Deep Sea Fishing

There are many charters that offer some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. Experience the opportunity to reel in a sailfish, one of the most exciting fighting fish in the world, along with many others!
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Glass-Bottom Boat Ride to Isla La Roqueta

Isla La Roquetta has one of the best beaches and wildlife in Mexico but it is overshadowed by how cool the glass-bottom boat ride is. Observe the bountiful amounts of wildlife and even a sunken statue.
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Bungee Jumping

For those seeking the ultimate thrill, there is nothing better than bungee jumping. Each turn only costs around $50 which isn’t too bad for such an experience.
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CiCi Acapulco Magico

This is the best place in the city to take your family for the day. With various rides and waterslides, wave pools and interactive performances from dolphins and other marine animals, the whole family will enjoy their time!
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Mural Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera is the most famous Mexican artist and this mural is magnificent! Just the colours alone will leave you breathless.