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National Museum of Anthropology

Mexico has many museums but this is by far our favourite. If you are a fan of sculptures and ancient artifacts than this museum will leave you satisfied.
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Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the most amazing and oldest cathedrals in the world. With such beautiful architecture and stained glass it is hard not to be struck with pure shock when you first arrive.
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Palacio de Bellas Artes

Not only is this the most beautiful building in the city but it is also rich in history. Formerly used as the National Theatre this culture centre is now the location of beautiful art and historical artifacts from Mexico’s past including an amazing mural painted by Diego Rivera.
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National Palace

Located right in the centre of Mexico City’s central square, this palace has been the home of the rulers of Mexico since the existence of Aztecs. Learn about the political history of one of the most industrious nations in history.
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El Mayor

A gorgeous view of the ruins of the Templo Mayor whilst enjoying wonderful Mexican cuisine is hard to beat. Make sure to come around sunset for the best view.
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Chapultepec Castle

The only Royal Castle in North America is quite the site to see and we highly recommend it. Located on top of a hill, the formal Royal Palace is over the top with its beauty, especially the dining room!
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Museum of Modern Art

For the art lovers out there, this is the best gallery we’ve seen in Mexico so far. The unique styles of the work of local and international artists make this an amazing experience for any visitor.
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ATV Routes on Ajusco

For those who are seeking a thrill, then you can’t beat the stunning views and trails on the Ajusco Mountain. This is a great way to spend an afternoon with your family.
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Hermanos Rodriguez Motor Car Racetrack

The Mexican Grand Prix was one of the most famous races in the sports history. It is still interesting to view the history of both the sport in Mexico and all over the world.
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Diego Rivera Studio Museum

This museum is a quaint hidden gem in Mexico City. The studio was built as a tribute to Diego Rivera and is a cool concept as it involves two adjoining buildings of both the Diego Rivera side and the Frida Khalo side.
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