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Well this one is kind of obvious but how could we neglect it. This is one of the most amazing ski hills in the world and you need to experience it at any cost.
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Try out the zip lines

Other than skiing, this has to be the most fun you’ll have in Whistler. Although it takes a lot of courage to try it, we seriously recommend it.
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Take the canopy tour

An absolutely gorgeous tour with picturesque views on every turn. Being at such height is so exhilarating, adding more fun to the tour.
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Mountain Biking

When the ski season ends the fun doesn’t stop at Whistler. The ski hill opens up for those who want to enjoy a nice relaxing ride or live on the edge and try something more challenging.
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Squamish Lil’Wat Cultural Centre

Visitors can learn the very unique history of one of the First Nations groups in Canada. Make sure to stick around for the musical act.
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Go shopping

The Whistler village is equipped with many amazing stores and café’s to satisfy any shoppers needs.
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Whistler is home to some of the best courses in Canada, only a short drive away from the village.
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Paddle down the River of Golden Dreams

Kayak and Canoe rentals are available and we highly recommend this if you are visiting during the off season.
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Try the Barefoot Bistro

Our personal favourite in Whistler, although not the only amazing restaurant. This bistro even lets visitors slice the top off of their own champagne bottle.
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Relax at the Spa

With over four fully equipped spas, Whistler will leave you wanting more. Our personal favourite spa is the Taman Sari Spa.
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