Stroll along Gouger Street

Gouger Street is a dining precinct featuring a number of popular eateries and sits almost directly in the heart of Adelaide city, making it one of the most convenient places to access for a quality bite to eat for those visiting Adelaide.


Visit the Barossa Valley

Any conversation about the "Best Wine Region in Australia" starts and ends with three places - New South Wales' Hunter Valley, Victoria's Yarra Valley, and South Australia's Barossa Valley, with the Barossa outside Adelaide generally considered the unofficial "wine capital" of Australia due to the sheer volume of wine it produces each year.

Visit the Art Gallery of South Australia

For a comprehensive dose of Adelaide-area culture, the Art Gallery of South Australia in the heart of the city more than fits the bill. Many feel that the gallery itself is an accurate reflection of the South Australian people's strong artistic heritage.


Explore Hahndorf

Hahndorf serves as an enjoyable microcosm of the strong European influence that can be found in the majority of regions throughout South Australia, and serves as the oldest German settlement in the country. The town features a cavalcade of Euro-centric specialty and craft shops, German-style pubs, and various bakeries that accurately reflect some of the key staples of German culture.


Spend a day at Adelaide Zoo

Perhaps South Australia's most popular wildlife facility, Adelaide Zoo is relatively small, however it more than makes up for this by offering a diverse array of animals - the main draw card of which is, undoubtedly, their Giant Pandas.


Explore Victoria Square

Located smack-bang in the centre of Adelaide, the square's centerpieces - the iconic Victoria Square Fountain and statue of Queen Victoria herself - are instantly identifiable with Adelaide, and the square has seen many significant occurrences take place over the course of the city's multiple-century history.

Learn about Aboriginal culture

To learn more about Aboriginal culture, visit the South Australian Museum, which houses the world's largest collection of Australian Aboriginal cultural objects and has over 3000 artifacts on display.


Visit the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

This remarkable place gives you a real insight into the lives and customs of the Australian Aboriginal people. The Tappa Mai tours will introduce you to traditional Aboriginal food.


Tour the Port Adelaide

It has a number of historical sights that are bound to please a history buff such as the South Australian Maritime Museum, the National Railway Museum and South Australian Aviation Museum.