The Peak

This is the best vantage point in the city and from the lofty heights you can see Hong Kong and neighbouring Kowloon spread out as far as the eye can see. Take a tram to the top and enjoy a beer and a snack at the Peak restaurant. This neighbourhood dates back to colonial times and is still one of the exclusive in Hong Kong.


Food Tour

If you really want to sample some of Hong Kong’s famous cuisine, especially authentic dim sum, then we suggest you sign up for a food tour which will take you to some landmark restaurants that most tourists miss.


Take a Tram

The tiny trams are unique to Hong Kong and they cover a large portion of the Central District and they cost just pennies to ride. They are to Hong Kong what cable cars are to San Francisco.


Temple Street Night Market

The night market is a fixture in most Asian cities, especially Taiwan, and while the Temple Street version is not as good as the ones we found in Taipai, it’s still a great place to wander when night falls on Hong Kong. There’s lots of local crafts and the food in this area is pretty good.


Star Ferry

Like the local tram, the Star Ferry is an affordable way to get from Kowloon to Hong Kong island and in the steaming spring and summer months the iconic little boats provide some cooling relief for tourists not used to such temperatures.


Lantau Island

There’s lots of little islands that make up Hong Kong but Lantau is the most famous. Here you’ll find the Big Buddha statue and you can eat like a monk in the restaurant at the base of the Buddha. The island is home to lots of lovely fishing villages and is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle or Hong Kong.


Nan Lian Garden

The lovely garden is home to temples and its green space is the perfect escape in the big city.


Theme Parks

Hong Kong is blessed with two of the best - Hong Kong Disney and Ocean Park. The latter was a bit off the tourist track because of horrible transit connections to downtown but a recent subway stop was added right outside its door and the views you of the South China Sea from Ocean Park are breathtaking. Disney’s Hong Kong park is small and easy to navigate - especially with small kids.


Stanley Market

This area of Hong Kong dates back to the Ming Dynasty (circa 1573) and it’s still a popular spot with tourists and expats. There’s no “knockoffs” sold here and the vendors will get annoyed if you try to bargain with them. Take a bus to the market and enjoy the views – the rollercoaster ride may cause you some queasiness, though. There’s lots of pubs and places to eat just outside the market.


Repulse Bay

There’s a beach here and some nice restaurants and the same bus that takes you to Stanley Market stops here. It’s a great place to escape the stifling heat of Hong Kong.