Le Boat is for Le Lovers

Le Boat is for Le Lovers

Happy Valentine’s Day, my fellow lovers. And what will you be doing on this heart-felt day? I know where I’d like to be - in France, the place where romance was perfected.
For me, a romantic day in France would start on a slow moving boat that passes picturesque country sides and idyllic vineyards before anchoring in some simple village where I can enjoy a Michelin star meal.
Sounds too good to be true?
Well, Le Boat, Europe’s largest operator of self-drive boating vacations, can make it happen. And they’ve sent me some suggestions where you might like to sail, like:


Above: Le Boat offers some interesting and fun options in France for lovers who like to sail.

- Canal du Nivernais: The rustic beauty of the Canal du Nivernais has made it famous. Stroll hand-in-hand through quaint villages and historic castles or spend the afternoon picnicking in the countryside, walking through rolling vineyards, and drinking some of France's best wine. In the evening consider cooking together on your private boat or indulge in a romantic meal in one of the charming towns.

- Loire Valley (I love the wine form here): Travel through the centre of France and immerse yourself in the beautiful countryside which surrounds you. Known for its superb vintages and gourmet cuisine, the valley entices wine enthusiasts, lovers, and foodies from all over the world. If gourmet French food, beautiful towns, and fairytale chateaus are what you seek, the Loire Valley might be your ideal destination.

- Charente: A river of incredibly clear water lined with pines, vineyards and meadows, the Charente is among the prettiest waterways in France! Long known for its cognac, gracious châteaux and delicious chocolate, the valley opens its arms to you, inviting you to savor a leisurely journey on a river that looks as beautiful as it did many centuries ago.

If you’d like to find out more about what Le Boat, go to https://www.leboat.com/


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