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Karen is a freelance writer who fills her time with running (she's a marathoner), eating (or thinking about food) and traveling. Originally from Montreal, the Toronto-based writer now finds herself getting antsy when home for more than a few weeks at a time. 
A former magazine editor (including a stint as the health and lifestyle editor at Flare), Karen now writes about health, travel, beauty and lifestyle for many of Canada's top magazines and websites including, Glow, Canadian Living and Travel + Escape, and of course, TraveLife. She also runs her blog, Health & Swellness, where she shares her favourite news and products from the world of health, food, beauty, style and travel. And you can also find Karen on Twitter, Instagram (expect lots of food photos), Facebook and at Health & Swellness, of course.
Marathoners Run Off on Vacation

Marathoners Run Off on Vacation

TORONTO - Running could simply be a means of travelling from point A to point B. As a marathoner, I’ve often run home from, say, a dentist’s appointment rather than hopping on public transit. But anyone who is addicted to the sport will tell you that running can also be a deciding factor when you choose a travel destination.
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