3 Canadian cities make Top 50 list

3 Canadian cities make Top 50 list

TORONTO - Canadians have a high regard for the diverse cities that make up our country, but what does the rest of the world think?
Well, according to over 1,000 international travels experts - travel writers, travel bloggers and travel agencies - three Canadian cities rank among the Top 50 on the planet.
In fact, the travel experts surveyed by Flight Network picked Vancouver as the fifth best city on the Top 50 list, finishing ahead of such exotic locations as Barcelona (6), Cape Town (7),  San Francisco (8), Sydney (9), Rome (10) and Singapore (11).

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Above: Beautiful Vancouver and charming Quebec City ranked highly on the Top 50 list of cities.

Meanwhile, Toronto placed 21st on the Flight Network survey and enchanting Quebec City was 23rd, ahead of Hong Kong.
Topping the list was Paris, followed by New York (2), London (3), Venice (4) and then Vancouver.
Lisbon, one of the most popular destinations at the moment, finished 12th, followed by Amsterdam (13), Prague (14), Rio de Janeiro (15), Budapest (16), Istanbul (17), Tokyo (18), Vienna (19) and Buenos Aires (20).
Some notable cities that could not crack the Top 30 included Russia’s beautiful St. Petersburg (35), Berlin (36), Dubrovnik (41), Dublin (46) and Athens (50).
Surprisingly, Beijing, which has one of the worst air quality problems in world, finished 49th - the only Chinese city on the Top 50 list.



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