Climb Story Bridge

While it may not have the fame of its big brother, the Harbour Bridge down in Sydney, the Brisbane Story Bridge makes for no less an impressive way to view the city from a supremely scenic viewpoint.


Cuddle a koala

Brisbane is the original home of this cute and cuddly little bear and you can hug one at Lone Pine Sanctuary just north of the city.

Visit Tangalooma Island Resort

On Moreton Island, this retreat offers a tranquil escape from city life and the area is filled with lots of marine and adventure offerings.


Visit a brewery

You can’t go to Brisbane and not visit the city’s famed XXXX Brewery, which has been a fixture in the city sinve 1924.


Go whale watching

During the yearly whale watching season, Brisbane offers a great opportunity to get out and see these gentle ocean giants, as the calm waters of Moreton Bay offer a place for the Humpbacks and Southern Rights to rest and tend to their young.


Tour a railway museum

One of the best attractions in the greater Brisbane area for kids, the Workshops Rail Museum is an extremely hands-on exhibit that highlights the history and contribution that rail has made to the development of Queensland and Australia as a whole.

Visit the City Botanic Gardens

As with most other large cities around Australia, Brisbane boasts an impressive botanic gardens which is kept in immaculate condition and serves as a point of pride for the city.


Experience South Bank

Simply put, the South Bank area has one of the most pleasant atmospheres of any other district of Brisbane. Modern, extremely well maintained, it’s lined with trendy cafes, restaurants, surrounding parks and an artificial beach.


Discover Roma Street Parkland

If, for whatever reason, you aren't able to make it to either the Botanic Gardens or South Bank, or are simply looking for a change, Roma Street Parkland is a more than suitable alternative that is also very central to the city.


Take in a museum

Walking the line between "cheap" and "free" depending on whether or not there are special exhibitions being held, the entertainment-rich "cultural district" alongside Brisbane's South Bank provides a number of opportunities to get your fix of culture and history, playing host to various art galleries, museums and exhibits all within some pleasantly clean and modern surrounds.