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Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, Garth has been to a Super Bowl in Florida and a World Cup soccer final in California, attended a baseball fantasy camp in the Dominican Republic and a soccer tournament in Honduras, played golf in Thailand, sat freezing through a Grey Cup game at the Big O in Montreal, witnessed first-hand World Series games in San Diego, Detroit, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Kansas City and Toronto, spent much of one long-ago winter in the Canary Islands, helped an old friend rediscover his roots in Croatia and a daughter develop hers at art school in Italy, has another daughter living in Hong Kong and a brother living in Japan. Those travels, and many more, came in part thanks to a long and rewarding career in sports journalism, mainly at Canada's largest newspaper, the Toronto Star.
Cottagers: It's Time to Go Jump in the Lake

Cottagers: It's Time to Go Jump in the Lake

BARRY’S BAY, ON - Theirs had a sauna. Big bonus. Theirs had a wasps’ nest. Big minus. (The spray stuff you buy in grocery stores to eliminate the kamikaze pests, by the way? Good luck with that.) Theirs had a swimming raft with a kid-friendly slide on it. Check. Theirs was well equipped for a family of four, two adults and two kids, ages 2 and 6.
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