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Having gained a keen interest in travelling as a boy, taking road trips with his family and sitting on the back of his father’s motorcycle, Steve is grateful to have had the opportunity to feed that interest further abroad. He’s visited some of the world’s oldest cultures and has driven through Vietnam on his motorcycle – gaining an appreciation for that beautiful country’s landscape and people along the way. Living for four years in Asia with his wife, he still considers it his second home, and relishes any opportunity to get back and visit old haunts and venture off somewhere new. With an ever-present interest in the world, his stories vary from a drive down Big Sur to a zip-line adventure in Thailand. Experiences in Israel, Egypt and India are among the most memorable alongside his passion for Asia, and it’s the small things that hold a strong place in his memories. From a lengthy hike along rice terraces with Hmong villagers to a walk in the neighbourhoods behind a Jaipur market to a simple glass of ‘Bia Hoi’ with some new friends in a Saigon alley, Steve finds the world to be a pretty awesome place.
Looking at Mumbai in a Whole New Light

Looking at Mumbai in a Whole New Light

MUMBAI - The busier the better. Odd, because I’m a small-town kid, but I find fast-paced frenzied cities like this is where I feel most at home. And it doesn’t get any more frenzied than Mumbai, India’s most populous city.
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