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As the Toronto Star’s world-music reporter, John Goddard travelled frequently to Africa to hear singers everywhere from Khartoum to Timbuku. Afterward, he started wandering closer to home. By foot and subway, he reached all of Toronto’s small heritage museums and wrote the book Inside the Museums: Toronto’s Heritage Sites and Their Most Prized Objects. He then rode the intercity GO bus to write the companion volume, Inside Hamilton’s Museums. Both local and foreign destinations continue to draw him. As a longtime Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada Media Fellow, he recently resolved to delve deeper into the delights of Southeast Asia.
 Delhi muslims Keep Ancient Tradition Alive

Delhi muslims Keep Ancient Tradition Alive

NEW DELHI - Bearded men in white caps and other head coverings milled around the entrance to the old Muslim neighbourhood of Nizamuddin Basti, or Nizamuddin Village, in New Delhi.
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