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Craig Minielly is an internationally accomplished photographer whose work has been published around the world over the past three decades. Craig holds national accreditations in more than 20 specialty fields. As a pioneer within the digital revolution, Craig is one of the influential forces in creating and developing workflow techniques and habits that are still being used by individuals, studios and corporations all around the world.
Enjoying Mexico at a turtle's pace

Enjoying Mexico at a turtle's pace

PUERTO ESCONDIDO, MEXICO — Along a barely discernible roadway, a dog leans back lazily as it settles in to resume its snooze in the dusty shade. Bells toll, not on the hour or half of it, but somewhere in between, as they seem to announce their own purpose to the moment. Roosters can be heard, as can the children in schoolyards, all in the distance but seemingly close by at the same time.
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