Gerhard Czerner and his photographer friend Martin Bissig
    set out on a cycle tour of Lapland and discover Finland's
    remote region has much to offer the adventure traveller.

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On a cruise on the Nile, Marc Atchison enjoys a side trip on a felucca, an ancient boat that was used to transport giant rocks to Cairo to be used in the construction of the great pyramids.

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On a trip to Parc Omega in Montebello, QC, Andrew Cruickshank gets to spend time with packs of wolves in their natural habitat in the ultimate nature experience.

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Julia Sun visits the charming town on Sintra and finds its candy-coloured palaces and castles make it one of the most charming places in the world.

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Amy Laughinghouse visits the Greek islands of Tinos and Mykonos and finds each is very different and each offers visitors their own unique brand of fun and hospitality.

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Charles O. Cecil heads to West Virginia to experience America's newest national park, the New River Gorge, and discovers its natural beauty has few rivals.

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David Latt looks at how this innovative country uses dikes and dunes in Noordwijk and Almere to hold back the North Sea and keep tourists safe during their stay.

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Marc Atchison visits the small town of Mui Wo on Lantau Island and discovers its silver mining past and links to China's great dynasties makes it a must-place to visit.

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Marc Atchison looks at a recent study that sees airlines working harder to make family travel more fun for children, parents and fellow passengers.

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Trip Tips | 10 Things You Must Do In PANAMA CITY

From the air, Panama’s capital city looks like a major vertical metropolis, complete with modern skyscrapers that tower over the Pacific Ocean. But it’s the city’s old town (Casco Viejo) where you’ll find the city’s history, Latin charm and quaint restaurants that make this such a unique place to visit.

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    Writer Cynthia Dial joins here daughter, son-in-law, grandchildren and the family dog on a journey from California to Tennessee and reports the wonders they see between the two states.
  • Making air travel child's play for families
    Marc Atchison looks at a recent study that sees airlines working harder to make family travel more fun for children, parents and fellow passengers,
  • Cycle vacations hit high gear post-pandemic
    Cycle holidays are becoming very popular post-pandemic among young travellers looking for vacations offering lots of social distancing. TraveLife looks at some of the most popular cycle vacations in 202:
  • Countries roll out red carpet for movie tourists
    Marc Atchison remembers the films that inspired him to travel abroad and looks at how countries are rolling out the red carpet for those seeking location vacations post-pandemic.
  • Hey! Watch your language when travelling
    TraveLife looks at some interesting facts about languages that can help when you arrive at your destination.

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TraveLife Contributors

Here are the professional journalists and photographers, many of whom are award winners, who travel the world and bring you along on their adventures through their exciting words and spectacular pictures which they share with you in TraveLife magazine and travelife.ca.

Marc Atchison

A veteran journalist and a seasoned traveller with more than 20 years of travel writing experience. As the former Travel Editor of the Toronto Star, Canada's largest newspaper, and now Editor-in-Chief and Senior Writer for TraveLife magazine (Canada) and travelife.ca, Marc has been to over 100 countries in the world.

— Editor-in-Chief/Senior Writer

Isabel Leong

Isabel draws energy from being in the great outdoors. This well-travelled Singaporean believes there is nothing more fulfilling than being unplugged. An explorer at heart, the world is her playground.

— Writer

Sarah Brown

Sarah is a freelance journalist living in Rio de Janeiro. Sarah grew up in the valleys of Wales where her childhood was spent playing in muddy forests and exploring farms. Nowadays she enjoys the tropical climate of Brazil while travelling as often as she can. Her favourite countries (besides Wales and Brazil, of course) are Thailand, Spain and Mexico.

— Writer

Amy Laughinghouse

As a UK-based writer and photographer (and self-confessed natural coward attempting to conquer her fears through her travel adventures), Amy Laughinghouse has paraglided 007-style in the Swiss Alps, walked with lions in Mauritius, swum with sharks in French Polynesia, dangled from chains on Scotland's Fife Coastal Path, and--her most terrifying challenge ever--taken ballroom dance lessons in London. In addition to her own website, AmyLaughinghouse.com, she has contributed to many travel publications, including LonelyPlanet.com, Qantas Airlines’ in-flight magazine and Virtuoso Life magazine.

— Writer / Photogarpher

Gale Beeby

A former award-winning editor at the Toronto Star, Gale has travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America and will share her unique style of writing and photography with TraveLife readers. Gale’s favourite places in the world include India, China, Thailand, Paris, Scotland and London.

— Writer

Rosalind Cummings-Yeates

With a love for travel passed down from her globe-trotting granny, Rosalind Cummings-Yeates has spent most of her journalism career exploring cultures and documenting arts history. A Chicago native who escapes the city's six months of cold by specializing in Caribbean and Latin American travel and culture, she loves climbing volcanoes, strolling cobblestone streets and trekking on pink-sand beaches. She's the author of Exploring Chicago Blues: Inside The Scene, Past & Present (History Press) and writes a bi-weekly travel column for Travel Pulse. Follow her adventures on her travel blog, Farsighted Fly Girl and @farsightedgirl on Twitter and Instagram.

— Writer

Tom Wuckovich

Tom Wuckovich lives in Tampa and is the former senior editor at AAA Going Places Magazine. He currently works as a part-time writer and editor for the Tampa Tribune. He is a long-time member of the Society of American Travel Writers.

— Writer/Photographer

Gilly Pickup

Gilly Pickup is an award-winning writer living in London. This well-travelled Scot has authored six books and also publishes features on a wide variety of subjects. She writes for both consumer and trade titles and specializes in cruise travel. Her byline appears in top national and regional newspapers, magazines and specialist cruise titles.

— Writer

Heather Lea

Heather Lea has had over two decades of freelance writing experience with over 60 published articles and stories in various travel and outdoor publications. From 2005 to 2015, she founded and operated an arts and culture magazine in Revelstoke, B.C. before selling her business to help fund her trip around the world. More stories of Heather's adventures can be found at http://www.ridingfullcircle.com

— Writer

Steve Hope

Having gained a keen interest in travelling as a boy, taking road trips with his family and sitting on the back of his father’s motorcycle, Steve is grateful to have had the opportunity to feed that interest further abroad. He’s visited some of the world’s oldest cultures and has driven through Vietnam on his motorcycle – gaining an appreciation for that beautiful country’s landscape and people along the way. Living for four years in Asia with his wife, he still considers it his second home, and relishes any opportunity to get back and visit old haunts and venture off somewhere new. With an ever-present interest in the world, his stories vary from a drive down Big Sur to a zip-line adventure in Thailand. Experiences in Israel, Egypt and India are among the most memorable alongside his passion for Asia, and it’s the small things that hold a strong place in his memories. From a lengthy hike along rice terraces with Hmong villagers to a walk in the neighbourhoods behind a Jaipur market to a simple glass of ‘Bia Hoi’ with some new friends in a Saigon alley, Steve finds the world to be a pretty awesome place.

— Writer and Tour Specialist

Lindsay Nieminen

Lindsay is a freelance writer, photographer, lifetime traveller and a lover of learning. She left her career in 2016 to share her passion for travel with her two young boys. She resides in the suburbs of Vancouver when not jet setting abroad. She is the Editor and Founder of Carpe Diem OUR Way.

— Writer/Photographer

Gillian Young

Gillian was born in raised in Vancouver but has spent the majority of her life living back and forth between Canada and Europe. Her curious nature earned her a degree in Broadcast Journalism at Ryerson University, and brought her to live in Toronto, Paris and Berlin. There has never been a dull day in her career - from from producing documentary series for the Discovery Channel, to working as travel writer, to pursuing her love of food as a private chef and cooking class teacher - this young woman does not believe in limiting your dreams. When she's not busy in her kitchen Gillian can usually be found planning her next adventure!

— Writer

Spencer Wynn

Camping in -45 degree temperatures to “get the shot” is nothing new to Spencer. His extreme passion for photography has taken him to dynamic Arctic landscapes, including the west coast of Greenland to film calving glaciers and through the Northwest Passage to shoot the vanishing icecaps, polar bears, walrus, caribou and the living conditions of the Inuit people. Wynn says it’s difficult to narrow his favourite locations. "My favourite destinations would have to be the Canadian Arctic, but also many locations in China including Kashgar in the far northwest, the villagers in the high altitudes of western Sichuan and the plunging rice terraces of southern Yunnan."

— Photographer

Athena Lucero

Long before her first published article, Los Angeles-based Athena Lucero shared with an office colleague “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heathrow Airport,” the title she gave to a humorous tale from her personal travel journals about all the things that went wrong on the last day of her first trip to London. “You should be publishing your stories,” the law firm partner chuckled. Eventually Athena followed that cue – and with unrelenting curiosity to discover the world, its people, their lore, traditions and cuisines – she left a rewarding position at an international law firm and turned her passion into a career of storytelling. From wine making on California’s Central Coast and the ancient vineyards of Lavaux in Switzerland; to tasting New Norwegian cuisine on a trek across Norway; from shushing down the slopes of Park City, Utah and snowshoeing, cross-country and alpine skiing through the Swiss Alps; to immersing her senses in the gaucho culture of Argentina; and discovering Monterrey, Mexico, the country’s most American-looking city whose inhabitants are among the happiest people in the world, Los Angeles-based Athena Lucero can always be found researching or scouting her next off-the-beaten path travel story.

— Writer

Ilona Kauremszky

Ilona Kauremszky is an award-winning journalist and a syndicated travel columnist. She has penned pieces for leading publishers in North America, the U.K. and Southeast Asia. She also makes appearances on TV and radio. Co-producer of mycompass.ca, Ilona is forever finding great stories in the strangest places.

— Writer

Karen Kwan

Karen is a freelance writer who fills her time with running (she's a marathoner), eating (or thinking about food) and traveling. Originally from Montreal, the Toronto-based writer now finds herself getting antsy when home for more than a few weeks at a time. A former magazine editor (including a stint as the health and lifestyle editor at Flare), Karen now writes about health, travel, beauty and lifestyle for many of Canada's top magazines and websites including ElleCanada.com, Glow, Canadian Living and Travel + Escape, and of course, TraveLife. She also runs her blog, Health & Swellness, where she shares her favourite news and products from the world of health, food, beauty, style and travel. And you can also find Karen on Twitter, Instagram (expect lots of food photos), Facebook and at Health & Swellness, of course.

— Writer

Si Si Penaloza

Si Si Penaloza has reviewed over 250 luxury hotels for a roster of illustrious publications including The Globe and Mail, JETSET Magazine, NUVO and now TraveLife. Amid bouts of horizontal hedonism, she’s not immune to the lure of stunt journalism – interviewing Brad Pitt in Cannes, reporting from Prince Harry’s Diamond Jubilee Tour of the Caribbean or racing the Top Gear team through the vineyards of Stellenbosch.

— Writer

Mark Stachiew

"Montreal-based travel journalist Mark Stachiew has been travelling the world and writing about it for more than 25 years. Formerly the Travel Editor for Postmedia Network’s canada.com, his writing and photography have appeared in numerous newspapers, websites and magazines. He has loved to travel ever since his parents took him on epic cross-country road trips as a child. Mark believes travel can be a force for good and hopes his stories inspire others to explore the world to encounter different cultures in order to gain a greater understanding of how we are all connected.".

— Writer

Kay Loek

Freelance writer Kay Loek is a native Torontonian who enjoyed a distinguished career in the financial sector before devoting her life to travel writing. Along with her photographer husband, long time Toronto Star photographer Dick Loek, Kay has travelled extensively and enjoys sharing her findings with readers.

— Writer

Shelly Cameron-McCarron

Hooked on writing and travelling for as long as she can remember, Cape Breton Island native Shelley Cameron-McCarron has combined the two as a freelance travel writer for nearly two decades. She’s ridden horseback into the Rockies, fly-fished the Miramichi, prayed with pilgrims in Santiago de Compostela, and followed a ghosts and legends tour around Wales all in pursuit of a story. She’s happiest chasing down adventures on the road with her family.

— Writer

Chelsea Shim-Sharma

Journalist, matchmaker and food traveller. Chelsea has a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University where she was trained in print, radio and television reporting. She travels with only one goal in mind: to conquer each city's top rated restaurants in as little time as possible. If this means six meals in one day, she will have her stretchy pants ready to go. Chelsea has written for various publications focusing on food, spa, lifestyle, healthcare and science. When she is not writing or setting up dates, Chelsea spends her time with her two dogs, parrot and guinea pigs.

— Writer

Ian Cruickshank

Ian, seen here with golfing legend Greg Norman, has been scribbling stories and chasing the little white ball around the globe for the past 30 years. He is a better scribbler than golfer and his stories have been published in Golf Digest, The Sunday Times Magazine, Maclean's and the inflight magazines for Air Canada and American Airlines. He is also the golf travel columnist for the Toronto Star.

— Writer

Andrew Cruickshank

Andrew, a freelance writer based out of Toronto, has been scribbling notes out of a backpack for the past five years. Having touched down in countries throughout North America, Europe and Asia, this young writer has set his sights on trotting the globe. Along with TraveLife, Andrew has also been published in the Globe and Mail and a number of regional publications. Occasionally he posts adventure stories to his blog, Preliminary Talk.

— Writer

Carmen Chai

Carmen Chai is an award-winning journalist who's lived and reported from major cities like Vancouver, Toronto, London and Paris. It's safe to say that Carmen has a serious case of wanderlust. She's travelled to more than 25 countries and for a plethora of reasons: hiking along Italy's Amalfi Coast, gorging on street food in Bangkok and getting lost in Istanbul's bustling streets. Along with travel writing, Carmen has reported on crime, federal politics and breaking news for major Canadian publications, including the Toronto Star.

— Writer

Cynthia Dial

Cynthia is a journalist and admitted addict — a travel addict. As a travel writer whose office is the world, she’s visited seven continents, 60 countries, countless cities and innumerable countrysides, where she’s attempted Argentina’s tango, canoed in the Amazon, ridden a Harley-Davidson throughMelbourne and sat amongst penguins in Antarctica. Born a Texan, she’s a long-time San Diego resident. In addition to TraveLife, credits include Time Magazine (Europe and Asia editions), Hemispheres, Costco Connection, Shape, Fit, Destinations Weddings & Honeymoons, and numerous newspapers. She also hosted the “No Passport Required” show on World Talk Radio and authored the book, “Get Your Travel Writing Published” (McGraw-Hill is the US/Canada distributor). Go to http://www.travelingcynthia.blogspot.com to see Cynthia's blog.

— Writer/Author

Tamsyn Burgmann

Tamsyn Burgmann is a career chronicler of other people’s lives. But a twist in the reporter’s plot catapulted her into a whirlwind solo journey through 12 Asian countries over nine months. She rode motorbikes with Muay Thai fighters, ingratiated herself with rebels in Burma and was body painted for a travel exhibition in Manila. Burgmann discovered she had her own story to write. She has since gone diving with sharks off Micronesia’s Palau and gained the trust of a Beirut artist who secretly paints humorous characters on bombed out buildings. She is indebted to folks across the globe who have courageously shared their worlds and, in turn, ignited hers.

— Writer

Dave Finn

For the past eight years Dave has been a freelance golf travel writer and photographer based out of Toronto. He is a two-time award recipient from the Golf Journalists Association of Canada. Dave has golfed in 8 Canadian provinces, 15 U.S. States and 17 countries. His articles and photographs have also been featured in a number of publications including Canadian Golf Magazine, The Province Newspaper, Golf Talk America, BC Golf Guide, G Magazine and Golf Oklahoma Magazine.

— Writer/Photographer

Nancy Wigston

Longtime travel writer and book critic Nancy Wigston has been entranced by travel her whole life, from her first backpacking trips in Europe to living in England and SE Asia. Whenever possible, she visits old friends and discovers new destinations all over this beautiful planet, usually with a book or two in hand. She has freelanced for major publications in the U.K., Asia, and Canada and is the proud recipient of many travel writing awards.

— Writer

Kirsten Rodenhizer

Kirsten Rodenhizer is a seasoned writer and escapist. The former editor of Westworld Alberta magazine, she has recently made tracks through Poland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Croatia and the Netherlands. She spent last summer living in Warsaw, where she ate too many perogies, sampled the spectrum of vodkas and mangled the Polish language with enthusiastic regularity. When she isn’t jumping on a plane to Belfast or Barbados, she’s exploring the incredible beauty of Vancouver and Western Canada with her camera.

— Writer/Photographer

Don Heimburger

As a travel writer/photographer, Don has written a number of travel articles about both U.S. and European destinations. Don writes for a number of publications, having earned a degree in journalism from the University of Illinois. He has been a newspaper reporter, editor, publisher and once even owned his own newspaper. At age 14 he started his own magazine, and today publishes three magazines and has written 12 books. He also worked for 10 years in corporate public relations in downtown Chicago, and while serving in the U.S. Army became editor of the Army newspaper at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Don hosted his own radio show for 2 years and has appeared on Public Television's (PBS) Tracks Ahead program.

— Writer/Photographer

Karen Asp

Karen Asp is a health-conscious travel junkie who counts Paris, Chicago, Barcelona, and Jackson Hole, Wyo., among her favourite places. She loves travelling anywhere that adventure – whether physical or cultural – abounds. Some of her most memorable experiences were: Swimming with penguins in the Galapagos; hiking the Inca Trail into Machu Picchu; logging two 10Ks on two different continents (Australia and North America) on the same day, and tandem paragliding in Jackson Hole. Along with being an avid craft brew and gelato fan, she holds five world records in Nordic walking and a full-time career as a journalist. She’s a contributing editor for Woman’s Day and writes for numerous other leading publications, including Islands, More, O, SELF, Health, Parade, Prevention, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple, Travelife, Shape and Martha Stewart Living.

— Writer

Maureen Littlejohn

A Toronto-based traveller, writer and communications specialist, Maureen combines her wanderlust with a drive to do good in the world. When she is not gazing at the Northern Lights in Norway, sweating in a Mexican temazcal or stroking the soft fur of lion cubs in South Africa for a story, Maureen can be found sharing her expertise and building the capacity of people in developing countries. From buying produce in the local markets to checking out a new city's hidden nooks and crannies, she revels in soaking up the culture and savouring the cuisine. Her award-winning articles reflect her natural curiosity and love of life, no matter where she happens to be.

— Writer/Photographer

Chloe Tse

Chloe is a Gaysian freelance journalist, media critic and co-founder of TheFeminismProject.com. Between writing for a variety of publications, from S Style to Curve to The Toronto Star and more - she works as the Digital Editor for CAA Magazine Mondays through Fridays. A social justice warrior, she's served as an executive board member for the Chinese Canadian National Council, helped organize the very first PinkDotTO, spoke as a Queer Women of Colour panelist for ClexaCon, the women's media and entertainment convention in Vegas and continues to fight the good fight. This Toronto based beagle mom lives for bagels and dad rock.

— Writer

Mark Dimitroff

From tracking and naming a female Humpback Whale in Moorea, near Tahiti; in a hot air balloon adventure over the Napa wine valley, to visiting a native community two hours by canoe into the depths of the Ecuadorian Amazon, Mark has brought many adventure travel stories and images to readers across the country. A freelance contributor to TraveLife magazine, Mark also is a regular contributor of travel features to ExtraOrdinary Health Canada Magazine; and has been published in the Toronto Star, the National Post, and Air Canada’s EnRoute magazine, and in Photographer’s Forum: Best of Photography. Mark studied photography at Toronto’s Ryerson University. Mark’s been fortunate enough to travel to places many people dream of in addition to those mentioned previously; The Galapagos islands, Bora Bora, Taha’a, Raiatea, Costa Rica, extensively through the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Florida, California, Alberta, B.C., England and Scotland. Favorite spot? That’s a hard one – there have been so many but at the end of the day it’s no contest: Bucket list Bora Bora.

— Writer/Photographer

Jessica Walden

From a young age, Jessica loved to play dress up and would often orchestrate an outfit change or two in between play-dates and homework. Twenty years later, that love of fashion has taken this style aficionado throughout the US and Canada for her work as a freelance writer and the sales manager of a woman's clothing company. From lugging 50 lbs of clothing while wearing 6" stilettos in Manhattan, to red-eye cross-country flights and enjoying sauvignon blanc and oysters on the Chicago river, her lifestyle has been anything but boring. Jessica is based in Vancouver and is formally educated in journalism and fashion marketing.

— Fashion Writer

Waheeda Harris

Since the beginning of this millennium, freelance journalist Waheeda Harris has been writing about design, culture, travel, cuisine and style and hopes to keep circling our planet to learn more of its secrets.

— Writer

Gary Trask

Gary Trask is a Boston native who has been a writer/editor for more than20 years. He is the former editor of a regional golf magazine and spent five years with an industry-leading golf-lifestyle PR and marketing firm, but he has also has a passion for travel and the casino/gaming industry. He spends his free time golfing, running, cooking and hitting the beaches on the North Shore of Massachusetts with his wife and three kids

— Writer

Kristen Dobbin

Kristen is a Toronto-based photographer and writer, with a master's degree in anthropology. Holding dual citizenship in Canada and Estonia, Kristen has been lucky enough to live and work abroad extensively.

— Writer/Photographer

Amanda Taylor

Amanda Taylor is a freelance writer who has lived in Tokyo and travelled all over Asia. She's written for Japan's top magazines, Time Out Tokyo and Metropolis. Her travel choices are suspiciously linked to how spicy a country's food happens to be: the hotter the better. From trekking through ancient ruins to sunbathing on private beaches, she's down for anything that involves a plane ticket and a passport.

— Writer

Patti Shales Lefkos

Following rewarding careers as teachers and educational administrators in Vancouver and Richmond, with her husband, Barry, they studied journalism and photography and set out to pursue adventure travel. Whether canoeing the Yukon River, backcountry skiing in B.Cl’s Monashee Mountains, hiking in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides or trekking in Tibet and Nepal, they embrace the culture and environment of wilderness areas. When not travelling, they ski in the winter – downhill, nordic and backcountry – out of their home base at Silver Star Mountain Resort in the Okanagan Valley and paddle in summer – whitewater, canoeing and kayaking, river and lake tripping and stand up paddle boarding – from their Ontario island cottage.

— Writer/Photographer

Lauren Parsons

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba Lauren loves to travel, learn and tell stories. At home she works as a communications officer, a position that allows her to meet new and interesting people and tell their stories on a regular basis. She is a strong advocate for mental health and has sat on the board for the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba since 2015. She also writes a personal mental health blog, Two Season City. Lauren's travels have brought her across Canada as far East as Halifax, as far West as Vancouver, as far North as Prince Albert and to many other places in between. At the age of 19 Lauren travelled through Europe on a solo adventure and fell in love with the food and romantic feelings of France, which she continues to visit again and again. Some of her favourite places she's visited include: Iceland; Oregon, USA; Chicago, USA; Cinque Terre, Italy; and Paris, France.

— Writer

Adam Stanley

Adam Stanley is a golf and travel journalist based out of Ottawa. A graduate of Carleton University's journalism program, Adam worked in marketing for four years before pursuing is passion for writing, golfing and seeing the world. His work has appeared in a variety of national and regional publications.

— Writer

Ulpa Chauhan

Ulpa is a travel writer and blogger, writing regularly for her blog “Yummy Love Journey” as well as a regular columnist for The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH). With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Ulpa has travelled to many countries with and without her children, and her blog focuses on family travel and the importance of travelling and learning.

— Writer

Bruce Sach

While still a teenager, Bruce Sach's travelling career started off badly. After being dragged by well-meaning parents onto a plane, he reluctantly took his seat only to have a flight attendant drop a bowl of salad on his head. He realized he should have stayed home. Years later, home (Edmonton) had shifted to Ottawa and he came to the conclusion that travel was an okay thing to do. Countless airplane meals and salad bowls later, Bruce is equally at ease in an Indonesian phinsi or viewing calving Greenlandic icebergs, and is able to adapt to almost any locale. Every new destination increases his interest in visiting and reporting.

— Writer

Cristina Naan

Cristina is a professional photographer and an author of everything magical from short stories to poems to little whimsical love post-its. She loves painting walls and climbing mountains as much as she exhales surprises and aims to make other people laugh – and take a picture or oh no, make it several pictures of it. Cristina is everywhere she shouldn't be but always on time with a camera strapped to some part of her body. She's travelled Europe to take fashion pictures for her clients and now aims to expand her work universe.

— Writer/Photographer

Lindsay MacNevin


— Writer

Josephine Matyas


— Writer

Lydia Bilyk

Lydia, a Toronto native, is a passionate traveller who loves exploring new destinations and meeting new people. She has worked in many areas of journalism but finds writing to be the most exciting and rewarding. Her favourite spots in the world are "somewhere I have not been before.”

— Writer

Cristina Huré

Cristina Huré has one main goal in life: to see as much of this world as possible. As a public relations professional, she is a trained storyteller, loves to write, meet new people and explore new places. She's worked and studied in the Netherlands and italy, where she served as the editor-in-chief of NRG Magazine, and since then realized that writing and communications was her calling. Her favourite destinations include: Barcelona, Marrakech, Monterosso and the Gili Islands.

— Writer

William Ecenbarger

William Ecenbarger is a Pulitzer Prize (1980) winning journalist who has worked for major newspapers like the Philadelphia Inquirer. He is also a book author and has written more than 300 travel articles for magazines and major newspapers, and won 13 individual awards from the Society of American Travel Writers; in 1996 the SATW named him “Lowell Thomas Travel Writer of the Year.” He lives in Hershey, Pa.

— Writer

Naomi Elster

Naomi is a writer and a scientist with a PhD in breast cancer, with bylines in The Guardian, Hotpress, Rewire, and many others. She covers science, and health, women's issues, and her love of travel, especially around her native Europe, spills into her writing. She has had short stories published and plays produced. In addition, she has trained medical and science students in biology and scientific techniques at universities, taught creative writing at a psychiatric facility, and taught English as a foreign language.

— Writer

Marina Prexedes

A travel lover, an adventure seeker and a thrill is how Marin a describes herself. Her passion for arts, writing and culture keeps her on the edge and on the search for new places to go to and new experiences to encounter and share. Marketing and advertising are her field of studies but wirting is her passion.

— Writer

Victoria Abbott Riccardi

Victoria Abbott Riccardi is a journalist and book author. For over 20 years she has written food, wine, travel, and culture articles for a variety of consumer print and online media in the U.S. and abroad, including Bon Appetit, Conde Nast Traveller, and The New York Times. In 2003 she wrote the travel memoir Untangling My Chopsticks: A Culinary Sojourn in Kyoto (Broadway), a New York Times 2003 Notable Book; winner of Best Asian Cuisine Book in English at the 2003 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards; and excerpted in Best Food Writing 2003 (Marlowe & Company).

— Writer

Garth Woolsey

Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, Garth has been to a Super Bowlf in Florida and a World Cup soccer final in California, attended a baseball fantasy camp in the Dominican Republic and a soccer tournament in Honduras, played golf in Thailand, sat freezing through a Grey Cup game at the Big O in Montreal, witnessed first-hand World Series games in San Diego, Detroit, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Kansas City and Toronto, spent much of one long-ago winter in the Canary Islands, helped an old friend rediscover his roots in Croatia and a daughter develop hers at art school in Italy, has another daughter living in Hong Kong and a brother living in Japan. Those travels, and many more, came in part thanks to a long and rewarding career in sports journalism, mainly at Canada's largest newspaper, the Toronto Star.wi

— Writer

Lara Dunning

Lara Dunning lives on an island in Washington State, and her travels often include Pacific Northwest adventures. She has a serious passion for small town travel, history, culinary travel and light adventure. Lara has a MFA in Creative Writing, and writes young adult novels, creative nonfiction, and when she is not clicking away at the keyboard, you’ll find her hiking with Hazel, her Australian Cattle Dog.

— Writer/Photographer

Kathryn Dickson

Kathryn Dickson is an award-winning Canadian television and documentary editor, travel writer and content creator, based in Toronto. Her television work can be seen on CBC, GlobalTV, Slice, History Channel, HGTV and more. Using her journalism and filmmaking skills, she has ventured into documenting her travels with her family near and far to inspire and teach other families about adventure with their children about different cultures, traditions and ways of life.

— Writer

Olivia Johnson

Olivia Johnson is a journalism student at the University of Concordia in Montreal. During her third year of university, she studied abroad in Portugal and took the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and write about her experiences. She is currently working towards finishing her degree in journalism.

— Writer

Corrina Allen-Kiersons

Corrina is a Toronto-based travel, film and pop culture writer covering destinations from El Paso to Tokyo and anywhere in between. Her travel goals include mastering the perfect road trip playlist, being photographed in an impossible yoga pose on the edge of a cliff and learning to survive on carry-on luggage alone. She’d happily live in a hotel full-time if it wasn’t for her 90 lb. dog.

— Writer

Isabelle Kirkwood

Isabelle is a journalist and avid escapist. Since she set off on her first solo backpacking trip at the age of 19, she’s developed an appetite for venturing off the beaten path and telling unique stories that encapsulate some of the world’s must-see destinations. When she’s not busy planning her next trip, she can usually be found in a newsroom or somewhere in the woods with her golden retriever, Monty.

— Writer/Photographer

Sophie Torro

Sophie Torro is a Canadian teen author who has published six middle-grade fantasy adventure novels; four in the 'SkyTalons' series, and two in 'Ghost of Lanturna'. Additional novels and a new series are currently in production. Sophie has been lucky to travel the world since a young age, and loves sharing her adventures through writing.

— Writer

Debbie Olsen

Debbie is a Métis travel writer who has snorkeled with whale sharks, hiked the Camino de Santiago and summited three peaks in the Canadian Rockies. Debbie is an award-winning writer and photographer and a national bestselling author.

— Writer/Photographer

Sehaj Singh Deo

Sehaj is an experienced photographer who brings a true passion for capturing life's moments through a lens. His work spans commercial photography, lifestyle, family and fashion. Sehaj also enjoys discovering new places and meeting new people.

— Writer/Photographer

Julia Sun

Julia has travelled to over 70 countries and is patiently waiting for her next trip. Some of her favourite destinations include Norway, Japan, Bermuda, and Italy.

— Writer/Photographer

Mark Williamson

Mark is a biologist, professor and adventure traveller. Through years of field research and travel from the tropics to the arctic he has developed an interest in writing about nature and environmental issues and an occasional predilection for Type II fun. He has led and taken part in several expeditions, including a crossing of the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland and the first documented, unsupported winter traverse of Algonquin Provincial Park.

— Writer

Katherine Cheung

Katherine is an International Development student at McGill University in Montreal, a degree partly inspired by her love of varied cultures and languages. Some of her favourite places visited include Malaysia, Switzerland and Iceland.

— Writer/Photographer

Subhasish Chakraborty

Subhasish has been working as a travel journalist for the past two decades and has been editorially involved with numerous international In-Flight magazines. He was also involved with the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) as a consultant.

— Writer/Photographer

Martin Bissig

In the last 15 years, Martin has made an international name for himself, especially as a bike photographer. He has travelled extensively to the Himalayas, South Africa, Greenland and Iran. Martin is considered one of the most published photographers in Europe.

— Writer/Photographer

Ayesha Habib

Ayesha is a Kenyan-born journalist working in Vancouver. A storyteller at heart, she has an endless curiosity for people and places. She's lived in Dubai, interned in Kampala, and has travelled to over 30 countries. Her favourite travel memories include trekking up Ugandan mountains in search of gorillas, exploring the labyrinths of Zanzibar's Stone Town, and hiking along steep mountain gorges in Andalucia.

— Writer

Charles O. Cecil

After 36 years in the U.S. Foreign Service, ending as U.S. Ambassador to Niger, Chuck retired to devote himself to photography and writing. While focusing primarily on the cultures of the developing world, he also finds time for hiking in the U.K. SATW has given him three awards for portfolios of images of Bali, Bhutan, and Singapore. ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) recognized him as a Best of 2012 photographer for his series of images of two madrasas in northern India.

— Photographer/Writer

Samia Qaiyum

Samia Qaiyum is a Dubai-based editor specializing in travel and culture, contributing to the likes of OutThere, Globetrender, National Geographic Traveller Food and Condé Nast Traveller. A textbook third culture kid with a perpetual thirst for adventure, she has lived in five countries and travelled to 34 others, racking up all sorts of weird and wonderful experiences along the way – just don’t ask her to define the word “home.”

— Writer

Allison Jane Smith

Allison Jane Smith is a writer who once moved to Cambodia on a fwhim. She spent two years in Southeast Asia, traveling and writing for publications like Matador Network, Nowhere, TakePart World, and others. Now back in Canada, she writes about politics, travel, and social change. You can follow Allison on Twitter: @asmithb

— Writer

Claire Kerr-Zlobin

Not all who wander are lost - and that's how Claire views her place in the world. Wandering and exploring this beautiful planet of ours and sharing the wonder of it all with others. When not travelling Claire manages the Life With A Baby parent network www.lifewithababy.com

— Writer

Michael Solender

Michael Solender writes about his travels, the arts and curious people. His work is featured at the New York Times, Southern Living, Minnesota Magazine.

— Writer