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Cristina Huré has one main goal in life: to see as much of this world as possible. As a public relations professional, she is a trained storyteller, loves to write, meet new people and explore new places. She’s worked and studied in the Netherlands and Italy, where she served as the editor-in-chief of NRG Magazine, and since then realized that writing and communications was her calling. When she’s not writing or telling stories on behalf of a brand, you can find her doing yoga, taking pictures, learning a new language and going on adventures. She has an international spice collection, bringing global flavours to her home where she tries to recreate dishes she’s tasted elsewhere (although not always successful, unfortunately) so surely the best souvenirs are spices! Take her somewhere new and you’ll be her new best friend. Her favourite destinations include: Barcelona, Marrakech, Monterosso and the Gili Islands.
Lost and found in the streets of Marrakech

Lost and found in the streets of Marrakech

MARRAKECH — You’ll never truly experience this place known as the Red City until you get lost in its labyrinth of narrow streets. There’s no “right turn” in Marrakech. The best way to feel its pulse is by leaving your map behind and following your feet.
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