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Tamsyn Burgmann is a career chronicler of other people’s lives. But a twist in the reporter’s plot catapulted her into a whirlwind solo journey through 12 Asian countries over nine months. She rode motorbikes with Muay Thai fighters, ingratiated herself with rebels in Burma and was body painted for a travel exhibition in Manila. Burgmann discovered she had her own story to write. She has since gone diving with sharks off Micronesia’s Palau and gained the trust of a Beirut artist who secretly paints humorous characters on bombed out buildings. She is indebted to folks across the globe who have courageously shared their worlds and, in turn, ignited hers.
Lebanon's Contentious Grounds

Lebanon's Contentious Grounds

MAROUN AL-RAS, LEBANON - I’m sitting in a van making funnies with security consultants, scholars and a diplomat as we bump up and down dirt roads en route to an Iran-funded family fun park. But it’s no joke.
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